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Transposition of the Directives

The deadline for the transposition into national law of the Race Equality Directive was 19 July 2003 and, in the case of the Employment Framework Directive, 2 December 2003 for the grounds of religion or belief and sexual orientation. A further three years was allowed for transposing the provisions on age and disability discrimination, in order to take account of particular conditions; a number of Member States notified the European Commission that they intended to use this extra period.

Country reports on measures to combat discrimination

The European Network of Legal Experts in the Non-discrimination Field was set up in order to provide the Commission with independent information and advice on the transposition of the Directives into national law, their practical implementation, the national initiatives in the field of anti-discrimination legislation and related policy developments, the impact of national court rulings that have the effect of establishing jurisprudence on the level of protection against discrimination provided by national law, the potential conformity of national developments with the requirements of Community law and the impact of judgments of the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights on national law.

For this purpose the Network produces yearly country reports on the situation in the Member States. Please find our most recent country reports:

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